Tips and Tricks

    • 11 Commandments of Dutch Oven Care
      For the most part, this is a good chart from the October 2014 issue of Southern Living. But, as with most articles about cast iron care there are differences of opinions, myths, and many time recommendations that require some clarity or elaboration. […]
    • Do You have a Rancid Pot Problem?
      Take a look at this tip from Gary House from Cooking-Outdoors. He shows an alternative to completely taking your cast iron back down to grey-ware and re-seasoning. Try this first. It might save you some time.   Share […]
    • Restoring an Old Pot
      PART 1 That’s what happened. While cleaning out a shed I found a rusty old Dutch oven. It was hiding behind some stuff that I don’t think had been touched in almost 15 years. I sent some pictures of the pot to Colleen Sloan and she […]
    • 18th Century Cast Iron Seasoning Technique This is an excellent method of seasoning cast iron and can be used with modern heat sources.  Food grade flax seed oil is a wonderful oil to use, even though it is more expensive and must be used before it goes bad. […]
    • How to Get Rust Out of Cast Iron With Vinegar and Alfalfa Cubes
      If you want to bring rusted cast iron items back to life, try a simple remedy of vinegar and alfalfa cubes. These ingredients will take the rust off any metal object without damaging or scratching it. An alfalfa cube, commonly used for feeding […]
    • Heat Control and Charcoal Calculator
      Generally speaking, each briquette will produce about 25° F. worth of heat on a moderately warm day with no wind. However, do not use this number to try and formulate how many briquettes you should use to generate internal oven temperatures. […]
    • 10 Reasons to Cook with Cast Iron
      Cast iron skillets have proven to be great utensils for cooking and baking many varieties of foods. The cast iron skillet was the first original, non-stick cooking utensil that was first used over hot coals in a fireplace and then later on was used […]