The First Iron Pot Cast in Colonial America

I know everyone has been stressing over this question, “Where was the first iron pot cast in the New World”? It turns out that the first pot cast in America was in 1646 in Massachusetts.  The furnace where it was cast was the Saugus Iron Works. This has been verified through records on file with the Massachusetts Historical Society from the official records of John Winthrop, first Governor of MA. It was through his efforts and resources that the first blast furnace was constructed in Saugus, MA in 1646. Records show that the first cast was an open pot. Notice that I did not say Dutch oven as we know them today. The Saugus Iron Works is recognized as the first furnace in the “New World”.

Now the really good news. That pot exists and can be seen at the Lynn, MA Public Library. It was excavated during the archaeological dig in the 1950’s that resulted in the restoration of the Saugus Iron Works. To corroborate the find, scientists performed carbon dating on the pot which confirmed the 1646 records.

And, here it is:

Saugus Pot

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