Dutch Oven Gear

    • Dutch Oven Cooking Tables, Why They are Important, and What We Use
      Unless cooking in a fire pit, cooking with your Dutch Oven, coal chimney or ash can directly on the ground can be a problem.  It not only burns unsightly marks into the grass,  it kills the living organisms and bacteria in the soil, making it much […]
    • Little Red Wagon Dutch Oven Cooking Table
      Our members Rob and Linda use a little red wagon as a Dutch Oven cooking table.  Finding something that you already have, and re-purposing it for outdoor cooking, is a fun and affordable way to outfit your Dutch Oven gear. A few steel pans in the […]
    • Dutch Oven Cooking Table Made from Repurposed Walker
      Our member Ron has innovated an affordable design for a Dutch Oven cooking table using repurposed walkers.  Made of steel tubing, walkers are affordable and readily available second-hand.  They are light weight, fold flat, and are easily […]
    • Dutch Oven Equipment to fit the Cook’s Experience – A List
      Your equipment list will vary depending upon what you plan to cook and your level of experience.  Review these equipment recommendations from the International Dutch Oven Society. Beginner: One Dutch oven: a 12″ Regular or 12″ Deep Dutch […]