Cowboy Beans

This isn’t your normal recipe. We had a hard time with Splatterdab on this one because he was getting cranky and we couldn’t get the line-by-line ingredient list and separate instructions. Seems that ‘Ol Splatterdab had his fill of us lingering around the camp talking about recipes and no work getting done. So, as to avoid having a religious experience with some flying iron we decided it was best to take what we could get and make a hasty exit. So, here’s the Cowboy Beans recipe as told to us by Splatterdab.

In a medium hot oven fry up some sausage. Once the sausage browns throw in a goodly amount of diced red, yellow, and green bell peppers and a pacel full of onions. For the beans I used what was handy – pintos, kidney, black, and garbanzos. You want to use enough to almost fill the pot. Add water. Bring up the heat so that it begins to bubble but then adjust it down so that it starts a slow simmer and let her go. Longer the better. The last time I did this I only had about 3 hours before I needed to feed the outfit but that was plenty. Besides, they got better as the day progressed. About 30 to 45 minutes before serving I threw in a couple cans of chunky pineapple that was hiding in the chuck box. I heard tell that there were some in the outfit that didn’t take a hankerin’ to pineapple in the beans. Too bad. I added ’em anyway. Guess they were good with just biscuits and Arbuckles that night. So, this really was a sweet bean concoction rather than a spicy bean mix. If your beans are too thin, sort of soupy, you can do what I did and add about half a large can of  refried beans. Wasn’t sure it would work but it turned out just fine. 

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