Chuck Wagon Corner

This is where you can read posts from Splatterdab since he is the chapter wagon master. These posts are related to the history, culture, and other musings abut the 19th century chuck wagons used during the time of the great cattle drives.

    • How to start a Sourdough Starter
      If you read my post for the Overnight Cowboy Starter you’ll see that there are more ingredients than the two listed here. The sourdough purists would be appalled at this aberration of a starter recipe and say it’s nowhere near a true […]
    • The Cowboy Vegetarian Cookbook
      As some of you know by perusing these pages that I have tried my hand at a bit of cowboy poetry. I might take pen in hand again some time to attempt the craft. In the meantime, take a look at this rendition of a video cowboy vegetarian cookbook by […]
    • Arbuckle’s Coffee & John Arbuckle
      You might have heard stories about trail coffee during the time of the cattle drives. The coussie would often be heard to announce that the Arbuckle’s is hot. Arbuckle’s Coffee was probably the most popular brand of coffee on the trail. We can thank […]
    • Grandfather’s Bannock Bread
      I was browsing through my Grandfather’s cookbook and came across a recipe for a bread I had no experience with. So, I figured a little homework was in order. Now, for our friends in Canada this will probably be old news because, as I […]
    • About Cowboy Coffee
      Because this was told to me by another chuck wagon cook it must be true. Before a cowboy drinks his coffee he fans it for three days with his hat. Then he pours it into the Rio Grande thirty miles south of Taos, New Mexico. He saddles his pinto pony […]
    • Cowboy Beans
      This isn’t your normal recipe. We had a hard time with Splatterdab on this one because he was getting cranky and we couldn’t get the line-by-line ingredient list and separate instructions. Seems that ‘Ol Splatterdab had his fill of […]
    • Drinking Water – Usage of Charcoal and Ash
      I think I’ve figured out this web browsing business and after dodging all the nonsense I came upon a blog belonging to Roger Edison, a chuck wagon cook from down San Antonio way. This blog article came from his camp and you can find it on his […]
    • Cure for a Hard Day on the Trail
      Cure for a Hard Day on the Trail It was a hard day for sure and for certain those cows were scattered in every direction. No words were spoken as they came into camp and ‘ol Coussie could see they needed a lift, there are times for […]
    • Thoughts on Chuck Wagon Etiquette
      Thoughts on Chuck Wagon Camp Etiquette (Not in any particular order) Back East sniffin’ food might be regarded in the same light as tasting it. A cowboy takes a good whiff of his plate as a matter of precaution. Splatterdab Don’t shuffle […]
    • Splatterdab’s Overnight Sourdough Starter
      An Ol’ Sourdough Talks about Sourdough First, you need to know to always take care of your sourdough. It requires care and feeding. The Ol’ coussies were known to even tuck their sourdough in their bed role with themselves at night to […]