2019 Monthly Dutch Oven Gathering Schedule

You are welcome to join us for our monthly Dutch Oven Gathering! Our monthly DOGs are a wonderful opportunity to meet new friends while cooking outdoors.

We cook in cast iron and share a group meal pot-luck-style. Not sure what dish to make? That is entirely up to you. Try a new recipe or showcase one of your special dishes. We don’t coordinate meals, and usually have an impressive feast with a diversity of dishes.

Dutch Oven Gathering 2019 Schedule: Check our Facebook page for any changes to our schedule or cancellations.

  • Saturday, April 13 at Hopewell Furnace*
  • Saturday, May 11 at Hopewell Furnace*
  • Saturday, June 8 at Hopewell Furnace*
  • Saturday, July 13 at Hopewell Furnace*
  • Saturday, August 10 at Hopewell Furnace*
  • Friday – Sunday, Sept 6-8: East Coast Dutch Oven Gathering**
  • Saturday, October 12 at Hopewell Furnace

*Participation is free. We begin cooking around 10 am, usually eat our communal potluck between noon and 1 pm, and are packed up by mid-afternoon.

**Check http://eastcoastdog.net for fees, schedule and registration information.

Click on map to enlarge.

Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site: we have a wonderful relationship with the National Park Service that allows us to use their facilities at Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site to host our Dutch Oven Gatherings. In exchange, our Dutch Oven Gatherings are a volunteer exhibit for visitors that showcases the use of cast iron pots for outdoor cooking.

Times: Setup at 9 am, eat between noon and 1 pm, breakdown 3-4 pm.

Where we meet: our Dutch Oven Gatherings are held at the south end of the park near Tenant House 3.

Where to park: use Cement Brook Lane by the Nathan Care House on Route 345 to access the parking lot. The parking lot will be to your left before the gate.

Setup and breakdown: park rangers will unlock the gate at 9 am so that we can unload. Due to the historical nature of the park, they ask us to have our vehicles parked in the lots shortly after, so plan to arrive by 9 am. Since we try not to bring our vehicles back to load until 3-4 pm, please plan on staying (we sit, relax, socialize, and digest all the wonderful food under our easy-ups). If you are unable to arrive early or stay, the parking lot is just a short walk from where we meet.

Free and open to the public: there is no cost to participate in our monthly Dutch Oven Gatherings at Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site. There are no fees for parking and no fees to enter the park. Everyone is welcome to join us.

Beginners are welcome: if you are just getting started in outdoor Dutch Oven cooking, join us to perfect your skills. We are happy to help novice cooks and have even had first-time Dutch Oven cooks attend our DOGs and succeed with their recipes.

What to bring: we take special care to make sure that our activities follow Leave No Trace principles and safe food handing practices. While your cooking equipment will depend upon what you choose to make, the following list includes the basics. Click here for more complete equipment lists.

  • Dutch Oven: cast iron or aluminum Dutch Ovens are readily available at camping stores and online. We prefer the “camp” style for outdoor cooking with legs to hold the pot above the coals and a rim around the lid to prevent ashes from falling in the pot when the lid is lifted.
  • Cooking Table: all of our cooking surfaces are well-above ground so that we do not scorch the grass in the park. Some of us use Dutch Oven tables, while others have repurposed other objects as cooking surfaces.
  • Charcoal: to provide a safe cooking environment, we cook with charcoal. Charcoal chimney starters that do not rely upon lighter fluid are very popular.
  • Gloves: long or gauntlet-style BBQ or welders’ gloves will protect your hands and arms from the extreme heat of the charcoal.
  • Lid Lifter: specialty lid lifters can be used, but some use a long-handled pliers or a hammer to safely lift the lids off the pots.
  • Chair: bring a chair to sit on to relax and enjoy the day while cooking, eating, and socializing.
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