18th & 19th Century Cookbooks

I’ve been collecting a few 18th & 19th century cookbooks in an effort to better understand the recipes and cooking methods used during our Colonial period and to see how those recipes and methods evolved into the 19th century. My interest is in making the historical connection between cooking now and how our ancestors used the kitchen. I’m also interested in playing around with the recipes to see how they can be adapted to a Dutch oven.

In the process I’ve found many interesting cookbooks. But, recently I came across this bibliography originally made available by Jas. Townsend & Son on their YouTube channel video about period cookbooks. I’ve also created a .pdf file of the list referenced that you can use to go directly to the Google Books page and check put the cookbooks yourself. The books are free for download if you’re interested.

Just click here: 17th – 18th Century Cookbooks


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